What is the GBA (Game Based Approach)?

Tired of taking the same old tennis lessons and hearing the same old tips with same the old frustrating results?

THE GBA IS A MORE INTUITIVE WAY TO LEARN TENNIS. Think of The Game Based Approach more like The Performance Based Approach. Instead of focusing on technique or "the strokes" first and hope you figure out how to use them in a game later, the GBA is the complete opposite. It focuses on getting you to understand how to play the game first and then uses technique as a tool to get you to perform better.

The GBA does not just get people to play "games" and ignore technique. It uses a systematic way of integrating the tactical, physical, mental & technical together. The way tennis is being taught is shifting away from traditional "model" based coaching.

If you're only hearing your coach tell you you're getting better but you're not really sure, get measurable results...find out what the ITF and players around the world already know.. The GBA is the best way to learn tennis.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

About Me

With a top ten BC provincial ranking as a Jr, Neil earned a full scholarship to North Eastern Oklahoma University. After college, Neil began his coaching career at Oak Bay Rec Centre in Victoria. Since then, he has coached at Rockland Sport in Montreal, Blue Mountain Racquet Club, Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club, The Arbutus Club and worked as the Head Tennis Professional for both New Westminster Tennis Club and North Shore Winter Club. Neil has also coached internationally for PBI.

Neil has been a Tennis Canada course facilitator for over 9 years and has trained hundreds of coaches to use the Game Based Approach and progressive tennis effectively. Neil developed a DVD with Wayne Elderton (acecoach.com) that was ranked the #1 DVD in the world by the ITF for developing young players. The DVD is now the centre piece of the first level of Canadian certification.

Currently, Neil is the Director of Tennis at the University of British Columbia. Formerly, he worked with top jr players at the Grant Connell Tennis Centre. Neil is a Tennis Canada Coach 2- Club Coach 2 and is a regular contributor to MatchPoint Magazine.

Neil is combining his talents as a visual media specialist with his knowledge and experience as a tennis coach. He has produced videos for Tennis Canada, USTA and has licensed pro footage to Transworld Sport. As a pioneer in the use of video and tennis, he has produced projects such as the world's first interactive video tennis lesson and the world's first tennis instructional app for the iPhone/iPod touch.


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  1. stimperley said...
    August 18, 2010 at 1:39 PM

    Hi Neil!

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    There will be an article in the latest issue of Tennis Magazine spotlighting the Tencap System. We'd love to give you the opportunity to tell your readers about it first.

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