What is the GBA (Game Based Approach)?

Tired of taking the same old tennis lessons and hearing the same old tips with same the old frustrating results?

THE GBA IS A MORE INTUITIVE WAY TO LEARN TENNIS. Think of The Game Based Approach more like The Performance Based Approach. Instead of focusing on technique or "the strokes" first and hope you figure out how to use them in a game later, the GBA is the complete opposite. It focuses on getting you to understand how to play the game first and then uses technique as a tool to get you to perform better.

The GBA does not just get people to play "games" and ignore technique. It uses a systematic way of integrating the tactical, physical, mental & technical together. The way tennis is being taught is shifting away from traditional "model" based coaching.

If you're only hearing your coach tell you you're getting better but you're not really sure, get measurable results...find out what the ITF and players around the world already know.. The GBA is the best way to learn tennis.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Taylor Dent Advanced Split Step

If you're an intermediate level player looking to the next step in your ability to attack the net effectively, you're going to need to improve your split step. WHAT IS A SPLIT STEP? Why: A split step is an important skill for a tennis player. It will improve your ability to be prepared for your opponents shot and will allow you to change direction quickly will balance. How: With your legs at an athletic height, push off from the ground from the balls of your feet. Both feet should push off together, you won't need to come off the ground more than a few inches. When: The timing of your split step is crucial. Right before your opponent is about to hit their ball. As you do the split step, your body is weightless, when you see what direction the ball is going it's easier to move your body quickly in different directions as you touch the ground. My tennis tip for the day: improve your split step to take your game to the next level. Watch this clip in slo-mo of Taylor Dent's Selective split step.


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