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Tired of taking the same old tennis lessons and hearing the same old tips with same the old frustrating results?

THE GBA IS A MORE INTUITIVE WAY TO LEARN TENNIS. Think of The Game Based Approach more like The Performance Based Approach. Instead of focusing on technique or "the strokes" first and hope you figure out how to use them in a game later, the GBA is the complete opposite. It focuses on getting you to understand how to play the game first and then uses technique as a tool to get you to perform better.

The GBA does not just get people to play "games" and ignore technique. It uses a systematic way of integrating the tactical, physical, mental & technical together. The way tennis is being taught is shifting away from traditional "model" based coaching.

If you're only hearing your coach tell you you're getting better but you're not really sure, get measurable results...find out what the ITF and players around the world already know.. The GBA is the best way to learn tennis.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Federer, Peliwo and Wheelchair Tennis


 I was so inspired by Federer's performance during Wimbledon. Tactically, Fed found ways to pressure his opponents 2nd serve using his FH and when both back he again, looked to have a plan to really get an aggressive inside out/inside-in FH going as much as possible. He countered with the slice BH at the right time, it totally neutralized his opponents when they did find him on the run to his BH. His serve looked like the old Fed, coming up big on the big points. Mentally, It's been a while since I've seen Fed so relaxed and confident. He constantly looked clear on his intension and decision making. Physically, his movement was incredible, especially his footwork when moving from the centre of the court to get to that BH side to hit the inside out FH when both were back. Technically, come on... is there anybody on the planet you would rather have students emulate? So where has this Fed been? I thought it was interesting during one of his post match interviews he mentioned change in his life during the last couple of years... neither Djoker or Nadal are married with children..
  Most of all what came through for me was his heart of a champion. He never doubted he could win another slam, just like Tiger, Michael they know they can do it again...

    I had the pleasure of privately coaching Philip as the Director of Tennis at the North Shore Winter Club. Phillip was about seven years old at the time. Three things I remember the most about my time with him:

1. Philip hated to lose... any competitive game we played, he had to win.. when he lost, he was frequently on the verge of tears.. he never gave up, even when he wasn't close.

2.  I couldn't pull him off the court. when the lesson was over, he didn't want to come off, he would beg me for "one more game"

3. Philip could concentrate for long periods of time. even at that young age I remember his eye control.. he wasn't distracted by things around him. He stayed totally focussed on our lesson.

Philip wasn't the biggest kid at that time and there are probably Jrs out there who are much more blessed phyically but if you see those traits in your player.. wow.. nurture them..

Have finished shooting and editing a wheelchair mobility video. I'm proud of this video and proud of working with Wayne Elderton on another successful innovative product. Check it out! all the videos from the DVD can be seen on the TPA web site..
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